The Ultimate Guide on How to Register Your Vehicle in Nigeria

The Ultimate Guide on How to Register Your Vehicle in Nigeria

Congratulations on being a proud owner of a new vehicle! It is a sign of progress in your life. But, before you can make your vehicle ply the road, you must register it to comply with governmental directives on registration of new cars in Nigeria; failure to do so might result in harassment by governmental agencies whose responsibility is to ensure all vebhicles plying the Nigerian roads are duly registered. Before thinking of registering your vehicle (s) , there are some documents you must possess which includes:

 Any government issued identity card e.g. national I.D card, national driver’s license, international passport, and/or NIMC voter’s card

 Attestation letter from the company of purchase.
 Proof of ownership (custom documents)
 Company of purchase delivery note
 Receipt
 A current driver’s license
 Presentation of utility bill.

As an expert, I will walk you through the processing stages of registration for your vehicle.

1st Stage: Approach the state board of internal revenue/motor licensing authority (SBIR/MLA), filled up a form with your details of the vehicle(s). Immediately after that, you might want to pick up an allocation of number plate form, fill it out and make payment. Your vehicle will be tested physically if its road worthy. This will be done by vehicle inspection officer attached to the internal revenue.
After confirming your vehicle is road worthy and isuuing you road worthiness, the vehicle inspection officer will ask you to go to an autoreg representative to verify the above listed documents and upload same in the system and issue you vehicle license . You will be required to pay some fees for that. However, if your vehicle is imported, you will have to provide custom papers, vehicle chassis number, colour and engine number in addition to the above listed documents.
2nd Sage: This stage can be rightly called the verification stage. It is the stage whereby all the listed documents will be useful. If your car is a brand new one, the required documents will be; drivers license, attestation letter from company of purchase, delivery note, receipt of purchase, passport photograph and proof of address. But if your vehicle is a tokunboh (fairly used) vehicle, the needed documents are receipts of purchase, passport photograph, engine number and certificate of entry (if imported). All these documents are for verification of ownership, address and vehicular data. Police officer attached to the internal revenue will carry out the due diligence and subsequently approved and stamped, issue you Cmr ( central motor registry). You will then be required to pay a sum of money for your registration ‘proper’.
3rd Stage: This is a stage where you have to make sure you have your insurance policy intact. It is not possible to register a vehicle without car insurance. Insurance policy covers are divided into two – comprehensive insurance and third party insurance (any of the two is acceptable for vehicle verification).
Comprehensive insurance policy is a kind of insurance cover which takes care of all damages (if any occur) including injury within and without the car, theft, fire incidence, accident etc. it provides a complete cover for the vehicle.
Third party insurance policy however, only takes care of bodily injury or damages done to the other person/properties/car etc. It does not cover the policy owner’s car. For instance, while trying to go out of a compound, I accidentally hit the fence. The insurance cover will take care of the fence but not my spoilt vehicle. You must choose one from the two insurance policies before you complete your registration.
Finally, you will receive your proof of ownership certificate (POC), vehicle number plate and vehicle identification tag (VIT).
As an expert in the field, I have shown you from the points above how you can register your vehicle in Nigeria whether you bought a new one or a fairly used vehicle. I have also showed you procedures you will go through and documents you should have handy. But sincerely, all you have read here does not make you a registration expert as there are ‘ugly’ scenes between and within each stage which might make the whole process scary to you. Employ the services of an expert, who will take care of all these and deliver in a record short time.
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