How to Get Your National Driver License fast and Stress free

How to Get Your National Driver License fast and Stress free

  • How to Get Your National Driver License fast

    and Stress fre

Are you new to the business of formal driving in Nigeria (personal or non personal)? So you need to have a driver’s license which you must possess to drive freely on the Nigerian roads without the fear of being harassed by Nigerian road officers like Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO), FederalRoad Safety Corps (FRSC), or even the Nigerian Police Force (NPF). The process of obtaining a new drivers license is fraught with irregularities and unnecessary stress like waiting for days to to months to be called upon just to come and fill forms, and waiting yet again to be called for biometric capture which involves lodging your data into the central system. This process might be so tedious and tiring that many people give up and result to fake license just to move freely on the roads. You might be fortunate to have the time, but it is not always like that for many. Have you ask yourself this question; Why can’t I outsource this to expert who will deliver in shortest possible time? Time they say is money. Are I ready to be checking if my card is ready again and again, and ended up spending more than necessary?
I will like to show you the wisdom in outsourcing your driver’s license issuance to a capable person/company.

Corrupt officials: Likely you have heard of stories making round about officials’ saddled with the responsibility of driver’s license issuance ‘legally’ extorting people more than necessary. They range from VIO, road safety, and board of internal revenue. Though, there are contrary opinions online that once you submitted your applications, you will be called for biometric in a moment. It is a lie. Things do not work like that here in Nigeria. Outsourcing your job will definitely make it a smooth sail experience for you. You don’t have to meet any officials in person, all you have to do is filled up necessary documents, and instructions on what to do will be brought to you at your convenience.
Time wasting: Though, I have mentioned time wasting earlier, but it’s always good to emphasize on it, so you will know what to expect should you decide to go about it on your own. After satisfaction of all payment required (legal & illegal), you must keep checking if your permanent card is ready – it might take longer than your expectation. I have heard clients severally, telling me how theirs took several months before issuance, while in some cases, they got it just few months to expiration of the card! See the truth is, you can avoid heartache that goes along trying to get it on your own.

With an expert in charge, you will never have to worry because all you will need to do and when to get the license will be reel out to you in details. You will only need to make a one time appearance for biometric capture.
Processing: During processing of your new drivers license, there are mistakes you might make, and nobody will tell you except your authorized expert. This mistake sometimes might be as a result of data input, computer error, network malfunctioning etc. A client once told me, he has been going around with temporary card for more than a year now. The reason – there was a problem during the application stage which might have been from him or the officer who inputs his details, the effect is, he has to be going for monthly extension of his temporary card – he will not be given the permanent drivers license card! It’s that serious. This ugly situation can be avoided if you have an expert who does all the follow up for you. He/she will guide you and monitor all your information to be accurate, and make sure your driver license came on time.
Pattyreg is an expert that can handle the processing of your driver license in record time. We are expert at helping you to apply for and obtain drivers license, international drivers license (IDP), renew/replace your old number plate, registration of your new/tokunboh vehicle etc. Aside from protecting you from corrupt officials, we avoid wasting your time, and monitor your processing closely; we also work in close cahoots with Lagos state motor vehicle administration agency (MVAA). For questions, supports, service, please contact us.

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